Richard Dell'aiera

[work in progress]

Ce projet est un essai photographique faisant dialoguer images, plans, maquettes, textes officiels et documents scientifiques portant sur la démocratisation d’une nouvelle forme d’architecture, mobile, écologique et évolutive. Permises par les récentes avancées technologiques en terme de maîtrise des champs électromagnétiques, ces nouvelles perspectives poussent la société à être repensée, dans une symbiose entre respect de la nature et progrès technique.

Levitas is a photographic essay using the interaction between pictures, plans, models, newspaper articles, official documents and scientific documents about democratizing a new form of mobile, ecological and evolving architecture.

Based on experiences of Archigram architectural movements and Yona Friedman researches about mobile houses and especially about space cities, the project is introduced as a false urban planning project located in a world where the upgraded human being is living in a perfect symbiosis between respect of the environment and technological progress.

Indeed, regarding urban planning, a city can’t evolve or make radical changes anymore. Yona Friedman imagined a society where the city would be reorganized, enabling a -mobile- house to follow its proprietary by means of a fixed carrier system. According to him, lifting cities could bring balance in cities and countries.

On this basis, Richard Dell’aiera imagined the campaign as a new experiencing territory to rethink the society, providing a new world – simultaneously close and far away - to the viewer. During his researches, he spotted some new issues. How can we design these cities while respecting the environment and territories?

The artist’s attention is focused on flying houses and the principle of magnetic levitation: a magnetic field created by supercurrents generates a force on a “magnet” component and pushes it away. The levitation is implemented to a specific distance to create the balance between the repulsive force and the house obeying the laws of gravity.

Somewhere between design thinking, art and science, this project is ideal for dreaming and thinking about the future of society.

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