Richard Dell'aiera

 Richard Dell’aiera

Born in 1989

Currently living and  working in Paris

Graduated from École  Nationale Supérieure Louis-Lumière, specializing in Photography,  and from Ecole supérieure d’Art de Lorraine.

Born in Grand Est in  a Sicilian family, I’m a photographer and a visual artist. I claim  being part of a generation born with the “TV constantly on”.According to me it influenced my attraction for the imagery  associated with the communicative fascination of my father for famous  painters.

My multidisciplinary approach is focusing for years on photography and digital practices  (manipulation and combination of digital media, use of 3D...)

My artistic approachis intrinsically linked to film imagery. I mean everything containing  a cinematographic potential: music, literature, snippets of  conversations overheard in the subway. Just like what remains of a  movie scene we saw years ago: fragments of pictures, colors,  atmospheres, a specific mixture of archetypal elements.

Unconsciously overtime, my imagery approach became a search for the origins of personal  and collective imagery. Do these ephemeral impressions fuse with our  memories and influence our mental imagery?

Each of my projects  requires the use of these mental impressions by reflecting upon a  collective cinematographic memory. Thus I create pictures where  fiction, mental space and real world interact. Deconstruction and  decontextualisation enable to generate new sensorial and visual  experiences.

The photographic  medium as a base locates the work in the real world, whereas the  formal modifications made on pictures bring them in another freespace where experimenting is ideal to get the mental pictures  connected to fragmented stories and feelings, just like distant  memories.

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